Learn JavaScript 01

JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the web. It is a dynamic computer programming language. We use JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages. It is a interpreted programming language.

Let’s look a small example…..

Capture 1

above code gives you this

Capture 2

by clicking the Click Me button you can change the content

Capture 3

  • Ok! now we have small idea that what JS(JavaScript) can do. Now we are going to learn JS.JavaScript can be implemented using JavaScript statements that are placed within the HTML tags in a web page.
         JavaScript codeJS tag takes two important attributes.
  • Language: This attribute specifies what scripting language you are using.
  • Type: This attribute is what is now recommended to indicate the scripting language                in use
         JavaScript codeWe can be placed these tags in the <body> and the <head> sections of an HTML page.

Ok as usually let’s start from HELLO World !  🙂


   document.write (“Hello World!”)

This code will produce the following result:
Hello World!

We can talk more about JS by next parts.


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